Ukraine Appeal

Ukraine Appeal

21/03/2022 0 By Admin

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has thrust our profession into the frontline, both to bear testimony to events on the ground, and in the information war for the truth. The NUJ Netherlands branch met this week to urge our members to back the NUJ’s appeal to support the safety fund and to remind journalists travelling to Ukraine of measures to enhance their safety.

Please check out the IFJ appeal: Journalists in Ukraine are under fire. They need your solidarity

You may also wish to give to the Rory Peck Trust, an international NGO promoting the safety of freelance

Advice on safety can be found at:

Ukraine: journalists’ war zone safety


For the NUJ’s support for our Ukrainian colleagues and condemnation for attacks on journalists see the NUJ’s website:

Ukraine: journalists security and ethical reporting must be guaranteed

NUJ condemns killing of journalists Pierre Zakrzewski and Oleksandra Kuvshynova in Ukraine

Finally, for more information, try Reporters Without Borders and Free Press unlimited and the Open Democracy