If you work in English in the Netherlands in a relevant field, you may be eligible for union membership. For the complete list of industrial sectors and job activities that are eligible for NUJ membership, see the NUJ About page.

The NUJ has various forms of membership: staff, freelance, temporary, associate and student. Your type of membership will depend on your personal circumstances and income.

New members

To join the NUJ, go to the NUJ Join page and identify the appropriate membership category for you. Fill in and submit the corresponding membership application form.

Your membership application will be processed by the NUJ’s membership department. As part of the vetting process, it will be sent to the branch for review. We would like to meet prospective branch members, so please arrange to attend a regular meeting in Amsterdam or one of our social events, if possible.

Once your membership has been approved, a direct debit payment order will be activated for your monthly dues. From then on, approximately once a month, you will receive our regular mailings. You are encouraged to attend our regular meetings in Amsterdam and our social events in various locations.

Transferring to the branch 

If you are already a member of the NUJ and are moving to the Netherlands, then your membership will be automatically transferred to the branch. All you need to do is inform NUJ headquarters of your new address. The monthly direct debit standing order will be updated accordingly, as required.

How much will it cost?

The subscription rates for membership are set by the NUJ Delegate Meeting, and the current rates were set at DM 2021. There are different rates for full (staff or freelance), temporary, associate and student membership.

The cost of full membership is based on your current annual earnings. There are three grades, listed below.

  • Grade 1: Members earning up to €24,000 per annum.
  • Grade 2: Members earning between €24,001 and €36,000 per annum.
  • Grade 3: Members earning over €36,000 per annum.

As agreed at the Delegate Meeting May 2021 – the contributions rates for full members are:

Minimum membership rate for the one per cent rule is now: €12.60 a month (€151.20 a year). Any member earning less than €16,000 should only pay the minimum rate.

Temporary or associate members pay annual subscriptions of €75.60. Developmental (student) membership is €37.80 and is for the duration of the course.

More information

Please contact the branch if you have any further questions about NUJ membership.