Journalists threatened for doing their job

Journalists threatened for doing their job

02/02/2023 Off By Tony Sheldon

Last year, the Dutch press safety campaign Pers Veilig received 198 reports of violence and threats against journalists working in the Netherlands, according to its latest report.

These included 33 cases of actual physical violence, 133 of threats, and 13 of stalking and intimidation. This is down on 2021, in which 272 cases were reported, but, explains the campaign, that was the “Corona Year” and its regular demonstrations at which journalists were often targeted.

The 2022 figures are still “the tip of the iceberg” warns the campaign’s project leader Peter ter Velde who was the guest speaker at NUJ Netherlands last November.

In addition the campaign’s recent investigation into intimidation against women journalists revealed eight out of ten have been the victim of some form of violence and threat. For one third this happened at least every month.

Ter Velde revealed in an interview last year the “alarming” number journalists, 25 at that moment – who were receiving security help such as alarm buttons or safety cameras through the campaign Pers Veilig because they have been seriously threatened or intimidated.

If you wish to report and incident or want advice or training in security contact Pers Veilig.