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  • Accreditation

    21 September 2016
    Reporters, photographers and in particular those who work freelance may be asked for proof that they are a genuine working journalist when covering events such as political demonstrations, government press conferences, court reporting and international events. Here is how your trade union can help plus some tips drawn from branch members’ experiences reporting the in Netherlands over 20 years.
  • Turkish crackdown on independent journalism

    17 August 2016
    In the wake of the failed coup in Turkey, journalists are being targeted by the government. The news changes daily but you can keep up by checking out or for the latest, including the closing of a pro-Kurdish newspaper, the call by the International Federation of Journalists for an end to the crackdown and the murder of journalist Wedat Hussein Ali.
  • Should freelancers be allowed to negotiate collectively?

    04 June 2016
    Collective bargaining by freelancers isn’t allowed under EU law – or is it? The International Labour Organisation is arguing that collective bargaining by vulnerable individuals shouldn’t be banned under anti-cartel legislation. Any decisions made in Ireland could apply to the Netherlands too.
  • Blendle announces beta test in the US

    27 March 2016
    Blendle, the Dutch news kiosk website we've been following since it opened its doors, has started beta testing its service in the US. "Journalism should be less reliant on ads," says Blendle founder Alexander Klöpping, who published the announcement in a long article on Medium.
  • Investigatory Powers Bill: inadequate journalistic protection persists

    22 March 2016
    The Investigatory Powers Bill (IPB) has its second reading in the House of Commons. Although there is much high level resistance to the Bill, relatively little of it has focussed on the impact on the media.

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