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  • DM18: International solidarity

    24 April 2018
    At the NUJ's biannual Delegate Meeting, the Netherlands branch was behind two motions. The first called for a coordinated campaign against the harassment and murder of journalists, the second called for opposition to plans by the Dutch government to introduce a law allowing security services to conduct mass electronic surveillance.
  • Turning to crime

    20 April 2018
    We talk to NUJ Netherlands branch member Jens Anders Wejsmark Sørensen, who has published his first book, a thriller called "The Amsterdam Sniper".
  • Crowdfunding for Caribbean journalists

    22 September 2017
    NUJ Netherlands is supporting a crowdfunding campaign to bring aid to journalists in Caribbean countries affected by Hurricane Irma. It focuses primarily on journalists in the Dutch territory of St. Maarten which was hit hardest by the hurricane. The initiative is part of a wider effort launched by the Association of Caribbean Mediaworkers (ACM).
  • UK government would increase penalties for journalists receiving leaked official documents

    13 February 2017
    Journalists and civil liberties groups have denounced UK government plans to replace the Official Secrets Act with an Espionage Act which would increase the potential penalty for journalists receiving leaked official documents from two to 14 years in jail.
  • Polish government to restrict journalists’ access to parliament

    19 December 2016
    This weekend thousands of Poles took to the streets to oppose their government's plans to restrict media access to parliament. The delightfully Orwellian irony is that the plans being proposed by a governing party which calls itself the Law and Justice party (PiS) appear to be contrary to the Polish constitution, which grants access to parliament.

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