Join us for the branch meeting on Wednesday, April 21 at 19.30.

The meeting will be conducted through the platform Google Meet - and if you would like to take part, please send an email to Communications officer, Jens Anders Wejsmark Sorensen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - and he'll send you an invite with a link to join.


  1. Present.

  2. Apologies.

  3. Minutes from previous meeting.

  4. Reports from branch officers.

  5. Hearst media.
    Unreasonable demands made on editorial freelancers. (NG)

  6. Update on Delegate Meeting in May (TS)

  7. Cross-border working.
    Update on reSponse to consular enquiries (NG)

  8. Main discussion.

    Activist Heli St Luce will speak on how trans identity issues are reported in the media. (Note that this item will start at 8 pm SHARP. Other items will be moved or postponed to accommodate).

  9. AOB


If you do decide to participate, we've rounded up ten of the best tips for more effective video conferencing: