Upcoming Events

Join us for the branch meeting on Wednesday, October 20 at 19.30.

For our October meeting, we plan to meet face to face. To respect safe social distancing the number of people able to attend will be limited. Therefore, the physical meeting will be combined with the platform Google Meet, so members can also attend online. All members of the branch will receive an e-mail with information about the procedure about a week before the meeting. 


Four topnotch climate journo speakers at LFB Salon - free to NUJ members.
LFB’s inviting all union members  – well, however, many a Zoom room will take – to this topnotch soiree on climate-change journalism next Thursday, September 23 at 7 pm.
"Making a splash from the earth drying out.
Humanity is on the brink of environmental catastrophe, yet two-thirds of the public don't consider environmental issues important**. Why isn't reporting of the climate catastrophe cutting through – and what can you do to make sure that it does? Join NUJ LFB's 'Reporting The Climate Emergency' for expert insights, guidance on making stories impactful, and advice about obtaining environmental commissions in the first place.
It's the most important story of our time. The weather has gone crazy, Extinction Rebellion has brought our capital to a standstill, and the Government is about to blow millions on an international climate conference that will most likely achieve nothing. Come along to learn how your reporting skills can make a difference to us all.
For further details and to book your place, go to http://www.londonfreelance.org/fl/2109clim.html
LFB Salon involves wine and snackettes in normal times – for now, it’s bring your own, but you’ll still be very welcome. Hope to see you there…
Best wishes
Stuart Smith, LFB Committee and Salon organiser