Photographers in the Nederlands Vereniging van Journalisten (NVJ) are planning their first ever strike action on 25 January in protest at the erosion of rates of pay since 2010.

They are calling for a 14% increase in tariffs in order to match inflation as rates have fallen from €80 a photo in 2014 to €50 in 2017, to €42 today with some rates as low as €15 to €20 for a photo.

The union is urging photographers to join the action. So far 100, including several famous and award-winning names, have pledged support.

According to  NVJ officer Rosa García López it would be the first time Dutch photojournalists have taken industrial action. "Within five to ten years, media will all be online. But if the online rates remain so low, photojournalism as we know will be finished," she says. "No one will be able to live from it."

The NVJ has written to six media companies urging talks on its grievances.