In a report to be released on International Women’ s day (8 March), the Gender Council (GC) of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) highlights high levels of gender discrimination and violence against women in the media across the globe.

In many regions issues of violence, safety, bullying and harassment continue to undermine  women’s role in the media. In some regions, women suffer from  outright sexism and discrimination in newsrooms and hiring practices, while in others it is the lack of access to promotions and jobs, or increasing unemployment – with women having the lowest rates of re-hiring and most often forced into unstable working conditions.  

Netherlands NUJ branch member and co-chair of the IFJ gender council Mindy Ran stated: “The aftermath of the financial crisis continues to impact many women journalists and their unions, with a return to the bad old days where equality is once again seen as a luxury item to be added on as an extra – not at the beating heart of our unions. It is a dangerous trend that will leave the most vulnerable forced out of the profession, or decision making posts in our unions, effectively erasing yet more of our voices.”  


Download the IFJ #IWD2016 report.

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